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Walkabout partners in wine on Tour Australia

Walkabout down under just packing and onto journey

December 9-14, 2016 

Are we looking forward to 30 hours on a plane? I think not. We are flying via Helsinki then to  Hong Kong then Sydney. We will write up the journey once we land in "Oz"

Yes just as we thought, a long journey but with plenty of naps on the plane, just about human?

Packed and underway update when we land "Oz"

Lots going on here and too little access to net from tablet so blogging will need to wait

14th Sydney here we come.

Friday 16th December UPDATE: Landed full rainstorm all day and night. Quite the wrong order for Xmas down under but the temp was 20 C so not so bad as UK. Catch up on more detail tomorrow? 

Next Day

Well.... although full of great intentions with so much to actually see and do the time scales have been thrown out the window. Lots of wine tasting notes to write up and add to the blog but accessing the net proved more difficult to edit this blog whilst in Oz so delayed till on home laptop.


December tastings from restaurant wine to cellar door we list them all. You will find the notes on our tastings page.

Bondi beach. Sharks? Maybe, but we didn't do Xmas dinner with the sand flies and 30+ degrees. Very weird to have sun and heat on Xmas day.


Why do computers always play up when you're tired.

Currently fighting the laptop to put more info on the site, still not winning?

Just managed to edit more items on same page so this looks like a way forward.

Just need to learn how to edit pictures now. 


So the real start of the tour began in Orange County

The day was planned around a visit to a family friend who owns a boutique vineyard, small production but interesting wines. One highlight of this great landscape were "Roos" bouncing through the rows of vines. Bizarre?

Just about visible in the thumbnail. 


This is such a big country

Ok, so when you look at a map of the world you can see that Australia is bigger than the UK but when you travel around for 4 days by car without any other traffic on the road you start to understand that there is a lot of space around here.

UTE touring

This is still such a big country

When you are driving around Australia what do you need to hire. Yep you need to get yourself a UTE. 4 wheel drive and auto gearbox and plenty of room on the back for those sample cases of wine.


This is such a big beach

Every time we went to the beach, no sun. Just cloud.

The beach was 7 miles long with only a few Chinese tourists digging for clams.

Seems that this area was well known for its shellfish, years ago First Nation Australians would come here as part of their seasonal WALKABOUT food journey