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Southern Highlands of New South Wales

A change in circumstances brought about the ultimate "Eureka moment" .

A long term plan to visit Australia became a mission to find out if the Southern Highlands

 of NSW produced quality wines.

No-one in the UK was stocking wines from this region so would they be good or bad?

Halfway between Sydney and Canberra, this unknown wine region had superb

"Cool Climate Wine" gems.

Grown at Altitude from European settlers' original stock vines, the Southern Highlanders have been keeping this secret to themselves.

Boutique 5 star vineyards from the area now produce premium award winning wines. 

The question that followed was how to find a trade name that could reflect and respect the nature of the environment, climatic conditions, low level intervention methods and adventure of discovery.

The name became clear we had to follow Australia's First Nation people and show respect.

We were on a mission

We had become

Walkabout Wines

December 2016 to January 2017 Walkabout

Returned from tour researching the Southern Highlands NSW Australia, 

our chosen wines are now available by the case on our Wines online store page. Individual bottles can be purchased at our regional wine tasting events or at our home venue, Fulham Wine Cellar, London . See events page for times and dates at venues. We also offer from time to time a mixed cases starter selection from one or more favourite wineries consisting up to 6 different varietals. See our Newsletter for special offers.

The tasting notes of our Southern Highlands Wine tour are now available on request via our contacts page. These include the tasting notes for wines from vineyards we have yet to import and reflect the diversity of the region.

Spanish Walkabout Spring 2017

As part of our quest for new wines for our cellar we visited the well known Sherry region of Jerez to discover indigenous vines of the region producing still and sparkling wines which were rescued from extinction (request a copy on our contacts page to see our latest Spanish tasting page review)

2018 a new dawn

Our great wines are exciting palates all over the UK and building upon our successes from the previous year we will be OUT & ABOUT at various favourite locations and new venues for this year. Our Fulham tasting venue will be holding regular sampling, comparison and food matching and private events throughout the year. Keep up to date on our newsletter and events pages

2019 Brexit blues

The year is unraveling like an onion skin with very little change or clear way forward. The High Street is awash with closures the only saving grace being our great wines which get better as time slips by.

Great additions to lay down some say the Barbera 2015 will be the stand out wine for year to come, that hidden secret following in the footsteps of Penfolds Grange, misunderstood at first but now a gem to find and savour.

Walkabout Wines  'undiscovered tastes from unexplored regions'